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We are documentary-style photographers local to the Triad area of North Carolina. Both of us grew up in NC and love just how beautiful this state can be.

Most days you can find us at our home in Greensboro, cuddled on the couch, watching old Disney movies with our two dogs. Whenever there is free time we love hiking, playing video games with friends, and going for long car rides!

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Documentary-style photography is often referred to as photojournalistic or candid photography. It is a photographic approach that emphasizes capturing real-life events, situations, and moments as they naturally occur, without posing or heavy interference from the photographer. This means that we tend to avoid all those cheesy, rigid poses in order to capture a more authentic, candid feel. The goal of documentary photography is to tell a story or convey the moment or atmosphere as authentically as possible.

Meet The Team.


Founder and photographer. Learned everything she knows from her grandpa.

Loves: Reading and matcha lattes


Social media and photographer. Grew up in their mother's photography studio.

LOVES: running for fun

Nala + Orion

Spoiled rotten doggos. Always here for mental and emotional support!


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