Welcome to Studio Ace

When I was younger, I went on many camping trips with my grandparents. My grandpa was (and still is) a nature photographer and he would take me with him on his early morning trips across creeks, into boundless forests and to mountain peaks. Those moments spent with him were consumed with discovery and exploration of “the photograph.” So I guess you could say that’s how I grew to love being behind the lens. My grandparents will never know it, but the time I have spent with them has really shaped and crafted my entire life.

I love to create, design, smile, adventure, snuggle and experiment. Lazy days are the epitome of my guilty pleasures (Mexican food being a close second). And I’ve spent most of my life focused on, “never missing a moment.” Whether it be something as big as a wedding day or as small as something like reading a bedtime story.  And that’s where I’ve focused my business, capturing life’s beautiful moments. Of course I love big life events such as weddings, engagements and graduation. But I also love the small things such as baking cookies, decorating the tree and campfires.

So I beg you to use me at your disposal. I am here to photograph whatever beautiful moments life brings you. My name is Shannon. I am the proud mommy to a wiggly golden retriever named Nala Rose. In 2017, I lost the first pup I had owned and raised on my own, one adorable yellow lab who’s name was Ace Jack. Since you may be wondering… yes, he was the inspiration behind the name Studio Ace. I’m beyond ecstatic you’ve found my website one way or another. I can’t wait to meet you and reflect all the beautiful moments life has to offer!



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Carl Lee
London, England
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Diana Sims
China Town, NY
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Tim Jong
San Francisco, USA